Casino Games… Why Lose Money?

Some people make constant efforts to win money at casinos, such as reading professional books and receiving training from professional hitters, but it is not easy to find customers who win online gambling Malaysia.

Jeong Mo (38), who has been in Gangwon Rad for more than 3 years, said, “I learned the flow because I played the game for more than 6 months in a row.” “He said.

Mr. Lee 952, who had been trained by Tazza for three months, sighed, “At first, I had a lot of winning 2 million won each, but recently I lost more than 5 million won at a time.”

Mr. Jang-mo (49), who read six specialized books such as how to get a dealer, said, “I earned 18 million won on the first day after reading the book.

Kangwon Land official “casino lightly, many customers in from enjoying best malaysia online casino, you’ll need to games because they like to fight risking everything there is a problem,” said, “If the casino is a long game, because winning the game is the customer unconditionally a disadvantage,” said Pointed out.

Let’s Look At One Member’s Experience Here.

It is said that the first two to three hundred daughters easily get up from the table, but when they lose eight to nine hundred, they continue, and afterwards, even if they win eight to nine hundred, they cannot be easily lost, so they are said to have been returned again.

You may think you’re stupid after seeing his experience, but it’s just a unit difference in the amount. When you win a few hundred thousand won, you win comfortably, get up and go home, but when you lose a few hundred, you can’t get up without regret.

Basic Common Sense Of Blackjack

The average value of the dealer’s cards are catching , “18.5” is .

You must decide on your own card as well as the dealer’s open card .

General Preferences For Dealer Open Cards Are As Follows .

4,5,6: It is the most advantageous card from the player’s point of view because the dealer has the highest probability of being bust .

2,3,7,8: This is a card with a relatively high probability that the player will win .

10, A: This is the most unfavorable card for the player .

9: This is a relatively disadvantageous card for the player .

If the dealer’s open card is a weak card, it is important to target it well .

  1. Hitting Or Standing Intent

Will I Get More Cards (hit)

Will you stop (stand) it is to be displayed as hand signals .

(Because the player ‘s hand signal is verified through the ceiling camera )

Hit ‘s intention to receive more cards is indicated by a pulling motion of the table floor with his fingertip .

Standing ‘s intention not to accept the card anymore indicates that the palm is stretched and shaken side to side .

  1. Typical crystallization (Hard total to 12 from 21 cases to )

Hard total is A or an A to 1 means the total value of the card, if a calculation to .

( Standard Edition of Hard Total )

Player Card Sum Dealer’s Open Card Standard Remarks 

1 2 4, 5, 6 Stand

Other (2,3,7-A) Hit

13-16 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Stand

Other (7 or more ) Hit

17 Or Higher Any Cards Stand  

If the player ‘s sum of cards is between 12 and 16 , the probability of being bust is high.

It is generally considered an unfavorable bad card .

If the sum of 12 to 16 is summed, the standard class is ,

Dealer’s card is 7, is above Hit , and ,

If the dealer card is 2-6, the dealer is likely to be bust, so stand by .

With important exceptions player two cards total of 12 and

Open card of the dealer 2 or 3 only if the person is

You Have To Hit Only Once .

Even if the next card rolls A again and becomes 13 , no more hits are allowed .